3rd December 2021 IBiSA ta organizes a “Dodgeball / Trefbal” competition. E ta wordo competition organizes den 3 district cu ta Noord, Santa Cruz and San Nicolas pa hobennan di 13 pa 17 aña. And the champion of each district is participating in the final on December 10th. E competencianan ta tuma luga na Compleho Deportivo Frans Figaroa na Noord, Centro Deportivo Libertador Betico Croes na Santa Cruz and na Sportcentrum IBiSA San Nicolas dia 3 di December cuminsando for di 3:30 pa 5:30 di atardi.

Pa each district ta bay register an amount of 40 much muhe and 40 much homber.

Participate by form nan mesun team and if a participant does not form a team, by notice IBiSA pa yuda cu formation di a team den nan district. Ta bay tin a total of 8 teams, 4 teams di mucha muher and 4 teams di mocha homber.

Each master group consisted of 10 very maximum and minimum 6 lot.Pa for participating den bo district, mester yena e online form via e link indicate:

1. Deportivo Frans Figaroa Complete:https://forms.gle/kjRPTm8evrzqKtoUA

2. Libertador Betico Croes Sports Center: https://forms.gle/zUnfKRqMMm7eDodG8

3. IBiSA Sports Center San Nicolas:https://forms.gle/w9KFmSMM1HCMcnLZ6

Quantity is limited, search pa bo register on time!Pa more additional question for contact and coordinator di bo district:

North: Candy Peña 699-2938Santa Cruz: Chisliane Stamper 699-2933St. Nicholas: Koolman Jarro 699-2900of mail na ibisa.activo@gmail.com.


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