TUI ta yega Aruba otro siman


E compania di tour y aviacion TUI a informa cu nan ta cla pa lanta vuelo bek pa varios pais. Den nan plan, nan a bisa di lo ta yegando Corsou y Bonaire dia 2 di Juli y pe su siguiente siman nan ta bahando na Aruba. E aeroliña lo opera 44 vuelo pa siman pa 8 destinacion entre 11 di Juli cu 24 y tin plan pa aumenta pa 219 vuelo pa siman, pa alcansa 19 destinacion desde 25 di Juli.

Aki nos ta laga e statement oficial cu TUI a duna:

In a Statment, the TUI group said, “It is right and reflects the demand of many holidaymakers to allow travel to non-EU countries were possible in a similarly safe and responsible way, such as in Turkey or Morocco.”

“Conversations with the respective governments give confidence that their health and safety protocols meet high standards as within the EU. As an integrated tourism group with its own tour operators, hotels, and airlines, TUI is well prepared to offer holidays in those popular destinations at short notice, once national travel restrictions have been lifted.”

Austria: The group said that the first of the TUI Austria flights are due to take off from Vienna on July 3, operating to Crete. The company plans to launch 60 weekly departures in July with its main focus being placed on destinations in the Greek Islands.

Belgium: TUI Fly Belgium flew its first flight on June 20 since the lockdown began which was operated to Dubrovnik. From July 1 onwards, the Belgium tour operator plans to provide a program to Spain and Greece as it looks to gradually increase its operations.

Denmark: The nation’s borders are being opened to most European countries on June 27 following restrictions easing around Europe. In the second week of July, the first flight with Danish passengers will take off again from Copenhagen to Crete.

The Danish TUI carrier will also offer flights again to countries like Spain and Cyprus following consumer demand in the near future.

France: TUI France will focus on its core club brans, “Club Marmara” and “Clue Lookéa” alongside its core tour brand, “Nouvelles Frontiéres.” The airline said that around 40 clubs will open their doors as of July 1, in France, Greece, Spain, and Italy.

The main summer season in France starts between July and August with the reopening of more than 50% of TUI France’s core club brands offer.

Finland: The Finish government is planning to lift travel bans for a growing number of European countries from July 13 onwards, which TUI said will help it begin to focus on customer demand for summer travel, something it feels is “very high” even in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company plans to operate its first flights from Helsinki to Crete with weekly frequencies to Crete and Rhodes.

Germany: As the first tour operator, TUI Deutschland restarted its operations on June 15. with two flights from Düsseldorf and Frankfurt to Majorca.

It has since then scheduled 40 additional flights until the end of June. In July, the German tour operator plans to operate 1,500 flights with the main focus being on the Balearic Islands, Greece, Cyprus, and Portugal.

Netherlands: TUI Netherlands will begin operations again from July 1, with the first flight being operated from Amsterdam to Majorca, followed by flights to Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Ibiza and several Greek Islands later in the week.

The carrier said from mid-July onwards more flights are planned to destinations like Cyprus and Bulgaria with the summer schedules, then increasing to more than 200 flights to 30 destinations around the world.

On July 2, the first long-haul flight from TUI Fly Netherlands after the lockdowns will take off to the Netherlands Antilles’ island of Curaçao, followed by additional flights to Bonaire and Aruba the week after.

Norway: With the Norwigen goverment outlining plans to reopen its borders on July 15, TUI is anticipating that the first Norwegian TUI guests will depart from Oslo Gardermoen airport in the same week with flights to Crete.

Poland: TUI Poland is now on track to begin operations again to Majorca and Crete from July 1 and will be quickly adding Bulgaria and the Greek Island to its portfolio.

In relation to health and safety, TUI Poland has become the first to move its entire customer service to a new digital format, which allows the airline to provide full digital 24/7 support via the TUI app.

Sweden: Sweden is due to reopen its borders to leisure travelers tomorrow, with flights launching to Rohdes a few days later. In the weeks that follow, TUI predicts general demand, and travel for business will soon begin to increase.

Switzerland: TUI Suisse restarted its operation already on June 18, with the first flight from Zurich to Faro and on June 29 to Larnaca. In the following weeks, departures are scheduled with a focus on the Balearic Islands, Greece and the Canary Islands.

UK and Ireland: The second-largest market for TUI. It will restart its operations as of July 11, with the first flights departing from London-Gatwick (LGW) to Ibiza and Birmingham to Palma.


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