Un bunita ceremonia y celebracion di graduacion 2022.

Recientemente den un ceremonia bunita y ameno Minister Endy Croes tabatin honor di hiba palabra na 53 doctor cu a logra nan M.D na Xavier University School of Medicine. Despues di e ceremonia a sigui un momento di celebracion dedica na e graduadonan.

Discurso di Minister Endy Croes na e graduadonan: 

I am honored to stand here this evening as the Minister of Education & Sports, on this beautiful campus to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you. This is the second time you are hosting this ceremony on your own campus, and I congratulate you for that.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak to all of you for the first time in my capacity as the Minister of Education and Sport. I am standing comfortably in front of all of you, because whatever happens, I know I am in good hands. I am surrounded by medical doctors and professors. I understood that 53 graduates completed the MD-program. 53 intelligent men and women who passed the United States Medical Licensing Exams, of which 26 are physically, present today to receive their diplomas in person. What a wonderful occasion.

As a Minister of Education, I can only be proud, very proud that this institution years ago chose Aruba to establish its facilities and most of all, proud, that because of that our small but beautiful nation delivered 53 future physicians, who will be working in different medical institutions all over the world. You may not be born in Aruba, but I am sure that wherever you go, you will remember us and will carry our small nation in your hearts.  I am also sure that you will remember some of the fun times you had on our island.

You have endured many lectures, lab hours, physical examination, and training sessions.  But ‘be’ mindful that today, you will hold something that few people are privileged to sign behind their name: the letters: “M.D.” (Medical Doctor).  Health care around the world is facing challenging times. A pandemic that affected the health of many. This pandemic also placed our health care system under enormous pressure and our economies, certainly our small economy, has been hit very hard.You, as new physicians are entering the health care system in challenging times. However, I am certain that you as students in the medical field have learned a lot from all of this, and that your professors and mentors have prepared you well, to be great doctors. Thank you, Professors, thank you Deans, thank you President of this institution for taking good care of our students. How you deal with all the challenges our health care systems face nowadays, will determine your success, your happiness, and your satisfaction in your new profession.

I am not sure if you follow our local politics. Don’t’ worry, I am not going to talk about politics. However, let me give you some advice: when you are ‘stressed out’ because of all these challenges, think of our Aruban Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes, a powerful Lady that managed several crises, our small nation was confronted with, at the same time. These kind of reflections helps us relativize at times. But I have no doubt that you will do great.

While this day is, and should be about you, please realize there are some very important team players that gave you support to get you, where you are today. First and foremost, your families who have encouraged you, guided you, and most likely funded much of your way to this point. Also your professors, friends. Remember to thank each one of them.

The wonderful aspect of medicine is that you have a wonderful chance to make a difference in life of others. People will look up to you.  People will still respect what you do and what you say. People will trust you, people will confide in you, and appreciate your efforts.  You can do amazing things for people. Work to set the needs of your patients, before that of the system, and you will usually be rewarded. Because in the end, this is what really matters! So go forward, not with a big ego about all that you have achieved, but with the absolute reality of what lies ahead. 

As a minister I am often requested to deliver a speech, and I do my best to write something that is nice, interesting and that has a message. To be able to do this I spend time conducting my own research and some weeks ago I read a beautiful speech a professor at an American Medical School delivered in a graduation ceremony. I loved a specific part of his speech that I will read to you.

It was Don Berwick’s speech. He said:
“Those who suffer, need you to be something more than a doctor; They need you to be a healer. And, to become a healer, you must do something even more difficult than putting your white coat on. You must take your white coat off. You must recover, embrace, and treasure the memory of your shared, frail humanity– of the dignity in each and every soul.

When you take of that white coat, in the sacred presence of those, for whom you will care – Or, in the sacred presence of people just like you – When you take off that white coat, and tower not over them, but join those you serve, you become a healer in a world of fear and fragmentation, an “aching” world, ” Professor Don Berwicks. 

Masha pabien na e graduadonan, hopi exito den boso carera profesional cu Papa Dios bendiciona boso. Masha danki!


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